Five failings of Internet Marketers

Hand pointing at a Internet Marketing illustration on blue background.Internet marketers are everywhere on the web; you can’t move for “experts” and “gurus” on Internet Marketing. Yet many are not real leaders in the subject; indeed, from a review of several “Internet Marketer” websites it rather looks like many of them have no idea as to what they are doing. Like you, I get lots of offers of advice and information from Internet Marketers, most of which I either ignore or delete within seconds. It all suggests the people peddling these Internet marketing solutions are really rather bad at marketing. Here are five failings of Internet Marketers – I hope you don’t do any of these….!

1. Producing rubbish products

Many so-called Internet Marketing Gurus have appalling products. They are badly written, poorly designed and ill-thought-out. There is often no real structure to the information and the material doesn’t flow well. Not only that, many are clearly from templates copied from other products, repeating the errors made by other so-called experts. The quality of many Internet marketing products is abysmal. If you want people to trust that you are an expert in your field, you need to produce good quality materials; not junk.

2. Not being original

There are dozens of Internet marketing products around which are much the same as another. Indeed, many Internet marketers sell identical products to other people. They appear to think that all they need to do is get a cheap product and sell it to make a killing. Indeed, they are often sold these products themselves on the basis that they will make them millions. Customers, though, want originality, they want deep thinking and analysis. They don’t want rehashed tosh. If you want to succeed with Internet marketing you need to be original, be a thought-leader.

3. Lacking business systems

Many Internet marketers appear to think all they need is a mailing list, a cheap product and they’ll make a mint. But try to ask them a question about their product, or send it back for a refund and you find you are in some kind of black hole. They don’t have the mechanisms in place to deal with customer service issues, for instance, because they are on to their next mailing; they are not running a business, but an email machine. If you want to succeed online you need to approach things in a completely business-like manner with proper business systems in place.

4. Focusing on a fast buck

All of the material I receive from some self-proclaimed “experts” is telling me how I can be a millionaire within weeks. Yet none of the people sending this material to me are actually millionaires. They are desperate to become millionaires and are convinced by their own nonsense that if they keep sending out their messages that they can gain massive amounts of income and that you can do the same. Solid businesses are not generally overnight successes. Even if a pop star hits the music scene as an unknown and becomes that proverbial “overnight sensation” you later discover they have been on stage for several years and have been going to singing lessons since they were ten. Focusing on a fast buck shows that these so-called Internet marketing experts have no real knowledge of business success.

5. Telling lies

Tropical islands must be full of Internet marketers. Not only that, Ferrari must have sold out of cars. You can hardly move for many “gurus” telling us that they work a few days a year and spend the rest of the time lounging on a tropical island only returning home to give their Ferrari a spin. It is all clear fabrication. Sometimes you can even see the edits in the images purporting to display the fruits of their success. Lying to customers is generally not a good idea…! You will get found out.

I am sure I could find several other failings of Internet marketers, but I imagine you know many more too. The truth is you don’t want to be like them – even if you do want to make a million from Internet marketing. Avoid these five failings and you could be on the right road to that success.

About Graham Jones
I am an Internet Psychologist and I study the online behaviour of your customers so you can understand them better and do more business with them on the web or through social media. I am the author of 29 books and I speak at conferences and run my own workshops and masterclasses.

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